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Emily Paige / IL&NC / 20

"And I don't care what you think 'cause you didn't think to care about me. "

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I have stretch marks on my boobs. Gross.

I have stretch marks on my boobs. Gross.

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Anonymous asked:

I completely admire you. You are such an inspiration to me and I absolutely love your blog. I really hate seeing all the crude comments towards you. I love how you take them with a grain of salt. Good for you. Thank you for being so great. <3

Thank you so much for this. I’m at a hard time in my life. No, I’m not homeless or starving, but just learning how to be an adult on my own has been very difficult. I went from having so much help and having so much guidance to pretty much none. My anxiety gets so bad and it’s just frustrating to deal with. I have more problems in my life than caring if people think i’m skinny enough or if i’m not as beautiful or nice as they really thought I was, ectect. I’m just over the internet and dealing with teenager drama. If there’s one thing I wish I could’ve told my younger self, it would’ve been to not take life so seriously and just learn to move on and get over things because once you get to this point it’s hard to go back and make yourself an easy living type of person. There’s more to life than who did what and where they did it and who they did it with. I’ve become very introverted and independent and can’t really bring myself to try and get close to anyone. I’m thankful for being able to find a job that can at least help me get by. I am trying to sign up for college classes and just really praying for myself that things in my life get better and hopefully get better and making myself a better person as well. It’s been a very, very long and tough road for me in my life thus far and i’m just trying to be patient for things to fall in to place. There’s times where I don’t want to be here but I just try to remind myself there has to be a reason i’m still here. I genuine really try to be the best I can be but my mind just wants to shut most everyone out and away. I wish I wasn’t like this but right now i’m just trying to focus on myself. Being away from my mom has really taken a toll on me personally and I wish she and my little brother could move back to NC. I’m sorry to you (and everyone else) for ranting.. I know my posts and attitude can be obnoxious and annoying but sometimes my mind just reacts psycho to things and i’m really not a bad person and I really am trying to be every thing I want to be and everything everyone else wants me to be and it’s just a lot. Life is overwhelming. UGH

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